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A few questions we are asked.

What do we get in Playslate Box?

Your child will receive a book (specifically selected keeping in mind their age, reading & understanding abilities), a set of activity packages consisting of a game, a puzzle, a learning activity and a DIY (do-it-yourself ) craft and an instruction manual.

Is reading the book mandatory before the activities?

Yes! The whole idea is to get your child to love reading and enjoy stories. The activities are related to the book and act as boosters to aid their comprehension and other cognitive skills.

Do I need to sit with my child to do these activities?

Not necessarily, but we most denitely recommend it! Playslate gives both parents ‘we’ time with their young one. Reading stories, playing games and performing simple activities together not only helps in your child’s development but more importantly creates quality experiences and strengthens the bond between parent and child. It’s totally worth it!

How can I place an order?

Submit your order form here, make your payment and you’re good to go. You’ll receive your Playslate box very shortly!

What are my payment option?

You can pay via PayTM and account transfer. We will be introducing card payment and cash on delivery shortly.

What are the shipping charges?

It is included in the cost. No additional charges!

I’d like to try 1 box before subscribing, can I?

Yes, of course! Order our one time trial box, as per your child’s age, and you can take our Playslate box for a test run before subscribing.

What if I receive a book that I already have?

Rest assured, you can inform us and safely return the box. We will ship you another box as soon as we receive yours. Please ensure none of the packaging is used or torn.

Can we chose the box/book?

Let us surprise you and your little one! You won’t receive the same box twice, we promise!

What if the activities are too easy or too difficult for my child?

While each box has been crafted for a specific age, in the rare occasion that the box is either too difficult or easy, please email us at info@playslate.in and we will try our very best to send you a more suitable box the next month.

Are you linked with any charity?

Yes, we love to keep you in the loop and will keep sending you information on charity and how you can help us. You are most welcome to hop on board.

I need to gift the box to my relative. Is a gift wrapping option available?

Absolutely, Playslate is perfect for gifting! Please tick on the gift wrap option in the order form and mention their address for delivery.

What if my child’s age falls in a different age group during the subscribed months?

Please add your child’s date of birth in the form, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

For cancellation, please inform us 3 weeks prior to when your next box is due. We will refund the remaining subscription fees to your account.

Is COD available?

Cash on Delivery is not available for now. We have Bank Transfers, Online Payments and PayTM options available.

I want to place a bulk order, is that possible?

Most definitely! Playslate boxes are the best party giveaways and perfect for any kind of get togethers for children. Please go to the Gifts tab in the home page and fill in the details to get a call back.